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Best Home Inspections, Thermal Imaging, Montgomery

We provide Professional:

 - Drone Roof Inspections

* 4K resolution pictures to clearly identify damage, wear, Etc...

- Digital Foundation Elevation Inspections

* Finding defection or movement in foundations

- Thermal Imaging Camera Inspections

* Finding Hidden Moisture from Leaking Roofs and Pipes.

* Finding Missing or Misplaced Insulation

- Pre-Pour, Pre-Drywall, Final Closing and Warranty Inspections

- Termite Inspections

- Septic Inspections

For a limited time, we will do a COMPLETE infrared thermal inspection of your home at no extra charge.

Some of the more common infrared thermal inspection applications include:

• Faulty wiring, breakers and fuses   • Heat/energy loss

• Hidden moisture intrusion               • Structural concerns

• The moisture sources of mold         • Missing insulation

• Pipe and duct work leaks                • Ventilation problems

• Roof and ceiling leaks                     • Moisture associated w/ termite nests

• Foundation cracks                           • Rats, mice and other pests

Please check out our video below to see how our amazing Infrared Thermal Inspection Technology can assist you, then call to book your inspection!

CompletePro Home Inspections, PLLC

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